Inle Lake, Burma, Aug 2013
Inle Lake, Burma, Aug 2013

To be someone, to do something. Perhaps, even to write.

I was inspired by my dear friend, Sruthy, who playfully called me an “exciting love child of the world”. It struck a chord, and I’d been toying with the idea of starting a travel blog to chronicle my adventures, first across South America, then the world, for quite some time now.

And why not? Perhaps, someone out there, somewhere, might be interested in the inane (or even insane?) musings of a lone Indian girl (description courtesy of another dear friend, Ann) on the road. Perhaps not. But to whomever else this may or may not be of interest to, it will always be of interest to me. That then, will suffice to have made it worth the while.

As I await the passing of time till the dawn of my big adventure, I can only hope that this endeavor is more fruitful than my last.

Till the next entry,
Safe travels

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