Hiraeth for Home

This might be the best way to describe how I feel much of the time, a feeling for which I have yet to find a word to describe satisfactorily in English. A constant feeling that something is missing, that something has been lost, something that perhaps never existed or I have never known. To feel... Continue Reading →

Packing List Post!

It's 4 weeks to D(eparture)-day and I am super excited, but am also increasingly being struck by pre-departure jitters. One of the things I've started doing is working on putting together a packing list. I haven't even thought about what clothes to bring, and it already feels too long. Hopefully, I don't end up with... Continue Reading →

Terrify Yourself

Which is exactly what I'm doing. Quitting my job and buying this one way ticket is just about the most terrifying thing I have ever done. But doing it is the only way to ensure I succeed. There is no room for failure. Once I'm there, far for the entrapments of daily life, there will... Continue Reading →

Countdown: 6 weeks – 1 day

39 days to my last day of work, and 41 days till I get on a plane out of here. I'm excited, nervous, apprehensive and convinced this is the best decision I've ever made in my very short life. Last night, I forwarded my flight itineraries to my family. Singapore to Cochin on 17 November,... Continue Reading →

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