Countdown: 6 weeks – 1 day

39 days to my last day of work, and 41 days till I get on a plane out of here. I’m excited, nervous, apprehensive and convinced this is the best decision I’ve ever made in my very short life.

Last night, I forwarded my flight itineraries to my family. Singapore to Cochin on 17 November, Cochin to Dubai on 21 November, Dubai to Buenos Aires on 24 November. Obviously, there is no return ticket to Singapore. I hope this will be enough for my parents to realize that I probably won’t be back in a month or two. It’s mildly terrifying, not having a plan, but also curiously liberating. I guess time will tell how wise this decision is, but I’d rather find out on my own then be told by people who have never left.

In the meanwhile, life continues with all of its banalities – work and responsibilities, with the occasional meet up with friends to keep my sanity in check. It’s odd to think that these people will no longer be such a major part of my life as I go out and explore new places, meet new people and forge new friendships. I suppose that’s life. It’s interesting how travel is so much a reflection of the lives we could lead, but don’t. For whatever reason, too often, we choose to cloister ourselves within the familiar, when the unfamiliar has so much more to offer. Whatever works for you, I’ve decided this doesn’t work for me. I shall go my own way and find what does work for me. And hopefully, when I do return, it will be as a better person.

Marrakesh, Morocco, April 2011

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