Welcome to India where the cows eat hay and we drive auto rickshaws everyday

Written 21 November 2013 First stop on my trip - Indiaaaaa. The whole experience was AMAZING. I haven't been to India since I was eight, so it was quite exciting to be back, and with friends, and to attend Sushma's wedding. It was great catching up with Sneha, whom I hadn't seen for over a... Continue Reading →

Cue Cheesy Song Lyrics about Leaving on a Jet Plane

Written 17 November 2013 So it's really happening! After waiting for more than two years, I'm finally off on my South American adventure! It all feels quite surreal and I don't think I've quite come to grips with it, but I suppose it'll sink in soon, or at some point. But then again, Sushma is... Continue Reading →

Final Five

You may not have noticed, but I have an amusing affinity to alliteration. Just the other day, when I was teaching my students about alliteration, they made me alliterate the 'v' sound - voluptuous vixen vomits violently, viciously venting about violet vanes. But I digress.Three days of work, five days in Singapore. It's all speeding... Continue Reading →

Countdown: Ten Days to Take Off

Ten days suddenly seems like a ridiculously short amount of time I have left to get myself together and be on my way. With eight days of work left, the thought fills me with even more foreboding. I've just about reached the point where I'm almost used to the constant feeling of butterflies in my... Continue Reading →

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