Final Five

You may not have noticed, but I have an amusing affinity to alliteration. Just the other day, when I was teaching my students about alliteration, they made me alliterate the ‘v’ sound – voluptuous vixen vomits violently, viciously venting about violet vanes. But I digress.

Three days of work, five days in Singapore. It’s all speeding by and I am quite convinced there will still be things I haven’t done, even on the day of my departure. Just yesterday, I discovered, thanks to the helpful exclamation of my friend Sindhu, that I need a visa for India. I had stupidly assumed that I wouldn’t need one, and didn’t check, so it’s a good thing she mentioned it, or I would have to pay USD60 for a VOA at immigration. Thanks to her, I submitted my visa application today, an will get my passport back on Friday. Lesson learnt: Don’t be a fool and assume you don’t need a visa (or anything else) – CHECK.

In other news, packing proves to be a perennial problem. I have my (ever-growing) packing list, but nothing has made it’s way into my backpack yet. Interestingly though, I think my suitcase with clothes+accessories+shoes for my friend Sushma’s wedding will be heavier than all the things I’m bringing to South America. Despite the fact that the wedding leg of my trip will be a grand total of…three days long. Ah well, I’m still very excited about celebrating the beginning of a new (or at the very least, significantly different) life for a very dear friend. Weddings are always some sort of fun, and with friends, it may not be an exaggeration to say that there will be an abundance of fun and laughter and joy and merriness! (:

I’ve lost my writing mojo, so I will perhaps return with a slightly more coherent update in the next few days. Or when I am once again airborne. We’ll see. Toodledoo and wish me luck with packing!

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