Coastal Adventures

Mar del Plata is a coastal city about 500km (6hours by bus) south of Buenos Aires. I took the 9am bus (200 pesos, cama - discount for paying in cash!) on Monday from Retiro station and promptly fell asleep because wow the buses are fancy. The buses are divided into different categories, much like planes.... Continue Reading →

No hay tigres en Tigre, pero hay Gauchos en Mataderos

Written 11 Dec On Saturday, I took a trip to Tigre. About one hour (and less than 2pesos) by train from Retiro station, Tigre is a town situated next to a delta which flows into the Paraná river instead of the sea, and is one of the largest deltas to do so. It's a very... Continue Reading →

Buenos Días en Buenos Aires II

Written 10 Dec 2013 Yes, I know, it's been a while since Montevideo...but I've been lazy, and besides, I needed to take full advantage of the gloriously sunny days in Buenos Aires! Well, actually, I wasn't taking advantage of the wonderful weather as much as I should have because I fell sick. But I'll get... Continue Reading →

Mission: Montevideo

Obviously, I was on a mission. To rescue my US dollars from their imprisonment in my bank account where they would slowly (or not so slowly) lose value over time. The mission commenced on Friday, at 630am when I set out for the port to catch my ferry to Colonia. Caught the ferry and promptly... Continue Reading →

Buenos Días en Buenos Aires!

I can't believe it's already been more than a week (one week and two days to be precise) that I've been in Buenos Aires! It's been amazing, and I am having a huge amount of fun! Okay, starting from the beginning! 7am flight from Dubai to Buenos Aires, with a 1hour stopover in Rio de... Continue Reading →

Dubai – Not a Desert

So, I am the worst at updating. Apologies. In my defense, it is really hard to write blogposts when you're on the road. And who wants to read just a whole bunch of words right? But it is really difficult to upload my pictures from my camera to a computer and then post it here.... Continue Reading →

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