2017 #002 – TBT Hong Kong!

New year, new efforts to be more rigorous about putting up pictures and keeping track of my travels! And since there’s a ton of places to post about, I’m just going to start with the most recent one (yes, I went to Boracay for my cousin’s wedding after HK, but I don’t have a single picture from that, so never mind). So, here goes!


It was a trip courtesy of my very good friend Seema (LOTS of love to her!) who was going to HK for a colleague’s wedding and invited me along because a) I’d never been before, and b) I was already kinda sick of Singapore after being back for a mere week. To be honest, I’d never been very interested in Hong Kong as a destination to visit/ explore because it seemed too much like Singapore, but it was a chance to check out a new place and spend some quality time with Seema after soooooo long, so off we went!

First stop once we arrived in HK after our evening flight was to…EAT. Cause we are generally hungry people. Seema’s friend, Perry, met us at the airport, and we had some typical local food at a chain restaurant (Tsui Wah) – it was pretty good! Well, all food is good when you’re starving.

2016-10-14 22.21.14
Seema and our first meal in HK!

Bellies full, we headed to Seema’s colleague, Andre’s apartment where we were crashing to dump our stuff before wandering around for a bit and getting a beer to chill out. Initial impression – HK is super grungy. But with a nice vibe. It was pretty cool. Also, LONGEST OUTDOOR ESCALATOR WOOOOOO (well it’s actually not that long – it’s a bunch of escalators up a very steep hill)!

2016-10-14 23.10.48
Blurry pic of Seema and Perry on the super long mid-levels escalator!

It was a Friday night, but none of us were really up for a hardcore night of partying, so we said our goodbyes to Perry and Seema and I headed back to the apartment. I went to take a shower before and just as I was finishing up, there was a tremendous crash. I turned around and the entire bathroom sink had fallen off the wall bracket and shattered on the floor.

Who knew a sink could fall off a wall? [Photo credit: Seema]
Seema and I freaked out a bit (I mean, we’d manage to break a sink within a few hours of being in Andre’s apartment, but eventually he replied saying it had been on the verge of falling off anyway and not to worry about it. Welcome to Hong Kong living! Crisis averted, but we were too lazy to clear up the debris so we kinda swept up the smaller pieces and left most of the mess there to be cleaned the next day. So much for getting an early night – we finally went to bed at past 2am.

Our first proper day in HK! We tabao-ed breakfast from Tim Ho Wan and went to a lovely roof terrace to eat and fuel up for the day.

So much yum in this pic! 😉
2016-10-15 10.54.45
Not a bad view of HK!

Dragon’s Back Trail was the next item on our to-do list. It was a good hike – easy, but lots of nice views. Absolutely zero shade though, so Seema got a little burnt by the time we were done because we cleverly forgot to bring sunscreen.

2016-10-15 12.14.19
I forget the name of this bay, but it was better looking in person.

Somewhere along the Dragon’s Back Trail. [Photo credit: Seema]
Hike completed, it was back to the apartment for some R&R before Seema got dressed and went off for her friend’s wedding. Since the plan was for me to meet Seema at the afterparty. Left to my own devices, I decided to take a wander around town and do some of my own exploring and eating.

2016-10-15 19.54.24
Giant Wontons for dinner
2016-10-15 20.18.09
HK is crazy busy

Pretty cool stuff. I must say I liked HK more than I thought I would. It has a really interesting city vibe, and a lot more soul and character than Singapore. Also, I found a great bar that was playing Latino music so the throwback to my time in Latinamerica added to my warm and fuzzy feelings towards HK.

2016-10-15 20.22.26
Lan Kwai Fong Street, all set for Halloween

Anyway. Seeing as how I had to meet Seema soon, I headed home to take a shower and freshen up. (A reader who has been paying attention to the story so far might remember that we hadn’t cleared away the shattered sink in the bathroom.) I happily finished my shower and walked out and felt a sharp pain in my foot. Obviously, I had grazed my foot against the broken porcelain and there was an inch long gash leaking blood on my foot.

Well, no big deal. I cleaned it up in the bathroom, taking care not to cut myself again elsewhere, (BTW blood + water = bloody mess), covered up the cut with a couple of plasters and off I went to the party.

The party turned out to be pretty fun! Seema’s colleagues were really friendly and it was great to be dancing and partying again with Seema after too fricking long! (No pics cause my shitty phone doesn’t take good pics in the dark.) Eventually, the festivities wound down and it was time to call it a night.

Anyone who’s been to HK would know that it’s very hilly. I, being the genius that I am, did not know this, and brought super high heels to wear to the party. So when faced with the prospect of tackling the hills of HK in my heels, genius me decided it would be a good idea to take my shoes off and walk barefoot instead.

Ha. Barely 10 meters after I took my shoes off, I stepped on some broken glass and cut a giant hole in my foot. Blood started gushing out, but I couldn’t really do anything much about it, and there weren’t any cabs in the vicinity either, so I started limping in the direction of the apartment, holding my heels in one hand and leaving a trail of bloody footprints as I walked. Thankfully, a really nice guy I walked by saw me dripping blood everywhere and insisted on flagging me a cab. Back at the apartment, I limped in and apologized to a rather horrified security guard as I bled all over the sparkling marble floors. Once back in the apartment, I cleaned the wound up as best as I could but it refused to stop bleeding. Since no pharmacy would be open at that time of night, I created a makeshift bandage with tissues and a garbage bag before crashing for the night.

Makeshift bandage to stop the bleeding

The next morning, Seema and I assessed the damage. The cut was pretty deep, but it looked clean, and I flat out refused to go to the hospital, so we put some antiseptic cream on it and covered it up before heading out for brunch.

Pretty big cut, and some pretty intense bruising HA.

Incapacitated by the hole in my foot, our wanderings were limited (not to mention extremely slow) but it was lovely hanging out with Seema.

2016-10-16 18.10.43
Nice sunset

So that was pretty much it for that day. We both went to bed pretty early, kinda exhausted from the weekend. Monday – Seema had to go to work, so I was left to self-entertain. Obviously not content to spend my time sitting in Andre’s apartment, I headed out for some hipster coffee and then to wander around the cute little streets and perhaps even take the ferry across to mainland HK.

2016-10-17 12.38.59
2016-10-17 12.24.19
Hipster street art, ft Hipsters


2016-10-17 13.25.03
HK has a Giant Wheel too!

I even got caught in a typhoon (quite a joke – apparently kinda heavy rain and some wind counts as a typhoon, but I appreciate their attention to safety)!


2016-10-17 14.19.42
Typhoon warning!

That evening, I had dinner with Seema and some of her friends, some of whom I knew as well. It was a nice evening hanging out and chilling, and we even remembered to take a group photo at the end of it! Success!

Group photo!


We all retired early that evening, and Seema and I packed up our stuff in preparation for our flights back to Singapore. We also realized we had completely forgotten to take a photo together what with the dramatic events of the weekend, a problem we quickly remedied ❤


Sofabed friends! ❤ [Photo credit: Seema]
All in all, hipsterland Hong Kong was pretty neat, even if it did leave me with a hole in my foot.

2016-10-17 16.15.19
Quintessential HK


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