Packing for India!

In two weeks at this time, I’ll be on a flight to Bangalore, India to spend the next unspecified amount of time there. Yesterday, my new (second-hand) backpack arrived, so I suppose now would be a good time for me to start filling it up with knick-knack paddy whack give the dog a bone…eh, that’s not right. Oops, where was I?

Right! Got my backpack from Carousell at a complete steal. Not a particularly well-known brand for packs, but I guess it’ll do (cause I’m broke and can’t afford a nicer pack). Also a significant downsize from my previous pack which got stolen (story for another day – remind me, please) from a 75L (waaaaay too much room) to a mere 55L, this will be an exercise in packing light!

2017-01-04 22.21.20
My new backpack, toothbrush for size perspective

I have some experience packing, and know generally what I need, but India is a whole different beast, and my packing list is now going to include some things I didn’t even think about bringing along. So here’s my random packing list, off the top of my head.

  1. Passport – Hmm might be useful.
  2. Credit cards – Mastercard and Visa (not that either of these cards has much money at all)
  3. Cash – Only bills of 50 and 100Rs!
  4. My travel necklace – My good vibes on a string ❤
  5. Mobile phone – aka primary communication device aka camera
  6. Laptop and earphones – Work gotta get done somehow!
  7. External hard drive – Useful for saving the shit ton of pictures I will inevitably take and never upload
  8. Glasses – blind without them!
  9. Toiletries – Soap, shampoo, moisturizer (I like Nivea cause it doubles up for face and body), deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, contact lens solution and case, bar of detergent (or I’ll get one there, I haven’t decided), sanitary products to deal with everyone’s favourite visitor
  10. Make up – For when I need to feel like a presentable human being and not a hobo
  11. Toilet paper – I’ve learnt this lesson the hard way: not all toilets have TP, bring your own
  12. Medication – Painkillers, band-aids, charcoal tablets*, OTC antibiotics, flu medication
  13. Padlock and key
  14. Notebooks and pens – I have several that I use for planning things, writing randomly on buses and planes, and a daily journal that I write just one sentence in every day
  15. Sleeping bag liner* – I don’t usually have this on my list because my ick tolerance is relatively high, but I have a feeling India might push the limits on that
  16. Headlamp* – Always good for walking around after dark, or hunting through my backpack in a crowded hostel in the middle of the night
  17. Clothes – Long looseish trousers, longish loose shirts or blouses, a couple of short sleeved t-shirts, a maxi dress for nicer evenings (guess I’m ditching my cute skirts and shorts on this trip), yoga pants for hikes, PJs, underwear, scarf, cardigans and a jacket.
  18. Towel* – Something thin that dries quickly would be ideal (my microfibre one met its end with my stolen backpack)
  19. Footwear – Hiking boots, flip flops and a nice(r) pair of sandals
  20. A small tote bag – For random day trips

*Items with asterisks are items that I need to purchase

And I think I’m set? I’m probably forgetting a ton of stuff so if you’re reading this, please leave a comment to let me know what I’m missing! Or if you know where I could get any of the stuff on this list for cheap, do give me a shout out as well! Could really do with the help in packing! Thanks again y’all!

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