Taking Blogging Seriously…

Day 5 of Project Write-Something-Everyday.

It’s already getting kinda hard to keep up with this. It takes some sort of dedication (which I may or may not have) and determination (which I am most certainly lacking) to keep writing something, anything, every. single. day.

I mean, it’s not that writing is hard, or unenjoyable. I find that it comes quite easily to me, and I quite like watching the words appear on my screen as if by magic. The difficult part exists mostly in my own head. That I want to do justice to all these stories I have to tell, by punctuating them with pictures and funny anecdotes in such a way that it not only gives me joy to share these stories, but hopefully also brings a small smile to you, my reader.

I thought about writing about the time I got robbed (the full story with blow-by-blow action), but that 10-day debacle would require careful crafting. I thought about detailing my trip to El Valle de Anton, in Panama, but I have no idea where the photos are for that trip. I thought about sharing my thoughts of friends and goodbyes, but perhaps that’s saved for different time when I won’t be stepping on too many toes. All that thinking about writing got me thinking.

If I’m going to make any headway with this project, I’m going to have to start taking it a little bit more seriously. Try to figure out what the big posts are going to be. And what the little posts are going to be on days when I don’t have the time or energy to write a full blown blogpost about this or that or the other. Start jotting little notes about ideas for posts, as and when they come to me. (I always have my best ideas when I’m on a long bus ride, staring into space.)

Well. I got distracted for a bit and came across this super useful article  about what to do if you accidentally knock a tooth loose. I’ve lost my train of thought now, so I’ll end here. Random rubbish post!

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