Get Vaccinated!

Travelling is great, but there’s a whole world of disease out there too! Falling sick when you’re travelling is just about the worst thing ever (I’m only exaggerating slightly). You feel terrible, you don’t have anyone to bring you water and soup and baby you, getting medication can be a pain if you don’t speak the language and expensive even if you do – the list goes on. I’ve gotten sick a couple of times on the road, and boy, was I glad it wasn’t anything more serious than the common cold. Which is why getting vaccinated is great – because getting rabies from a flea-ridden mongrel is not exactly the kind of thing you want to have happen to you. ever. Since I’m headed to India next, I decided to do some research about the recommended vaccines, and viola –

India Vaccinations
I need a vaccine against EVERYTHING!

I’d already gotten a whole bunch of vaccines before heading off on my Latin American adventure, but unfortunately my yellow booklet of vaccinations had disappeared along with my stolen backpack, so I called TTSH to check on getting a replacement booklet.

Hurray for me – not only can I get a replacement booklet for a small fee, I also found out that I’m vaccinated against
Yellow Fever,
Hepatitis A and
Sweeeeeeeet! Headed over to the nearest polyclinic and boom! I’m now vaccinated against Typhoid as well! Come at me, disease.

Haha just kidding, please don’t. Vaccines are not 100% effective and you may still contract some of these diseases – being vaccinated just reduces the chance that your body will succumb to the virus or bacteria or whatever it is, and gives you an additional boost when it comes to fighting the crap out of your system. So no, disease, please don’t come at me.

Yup, so here I am, vaccinated and one step closer to Incredible Indiaaaaaaa!

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