Bye Bye Bye

Off to India in a couple of hours! I’ve packed my bags and gotten my pre-departure jitters on. Somehow, I think I might have been less nervous about going to South America…

India India India. I’ve been as a little girl with my family to visit distant relatives. I don’t remember much of those trips.

There were huge temples with scorching floors, and enormous granite statues.

There were cows every where, and that time someone stepped in a pile of cow dung.

I remember holding little chicks in my hand, and carrying a baby goat. I really wanted to bring the kid back with me, but the boy who caught the kid for me said they wouldn’t let me bring it on the plane. He promised to send it to me on the next ship out, and I waited for weeks for the arrival of the kid, but it never came.

A boy from the village took us on his motorcycle up and down the street and it was the most thrilling thing to ever happen to me at that age.

I remember the hospital; my brother fell sick and had terrible diarrhea and a high fever. They put him on a drip, but I don’t know if they let me see him in the hospital. I only remember the white tiled corridors we walked down, endlessly.

We ate dosai and spicy tomato chutney on the overnight train. It was the best chutney I’d eaten, but so spicy it made my eyes water.

We went up a really windy mountain road in a car. I was sitting in a distant uncle’s lap, but I started feeling sick. I told them to stop, but it was too late; I vomited.

My grandmother’s house didn’t have much, but I distinctly remember the creaky fan in the corner of the spartan room, and the wooden chest of drawers. I wonder if that’s still there.

I don’t remember much about the India I visited as a child. I’m sure much has changed, as have I. Or maybe it hasn’t. In any case, I’m looking forward to creating new memories. Here’s to India!

India flag

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