Day 1 in India – Survived!

First (almost) 24hours in India, and I am pleased to report that I HAVE SURVIVED!

Alright, first impressions – India is LOUD. Oh my goodness, people will not stop tooting their horns. Also, traffic is CRAZY. We could have died a few times crossing MG Road and various other giant roads with traffic coming from every which direction. But we didn’t and here we are! Still alive. Final observation of the day: The food is EXCELLENT.

I’ve met some wonderful girls at this hostel where I’m staying – Anna, from Germany and Zu from the Netherlands. I hung out with them pretty much all day today, and we had a wonderful day. We walked around the insane mess that is Commercial Street (where they each bought some kurtis) before having lunch at a small but cozy place off MG Road. Frankly, I felt quite like throwing up after walking around Commercial Street for a while – the sheer number of items on display is enough to make your head spin – so our lunch break was a welcome respite from the madness that is India.

After lunch, it was off in search of the Indiragandi Musical Fountains, but we ended up at Cubbone Park instead (I think), where we had a jolly time people- and squirrel-watching. A short break later, it was off to look for the musical fountains, but in the end we saw the High Court, a random Government Palace (?) and an abandoned train engine, but no musical fountains. Finally giving up on that, we decided to head back to the hostel, but catching a bus back was such a complicated task that we only arrived back at the hostel about 2 hours after we’d decided to leave.

We all crashed for a while at the hostel, dehydrated and worn out from our long day of walking around. But eventually, we collected ourselves and headed out to dinner at Vapour. The food was delicious, and the view gorgeous, but the service was lackluster (except for one guy) and the taxes outrageous. Seriously, we paid almost 35% in tax. -_-

All in all, I’d say that Bangalore is a good place for an India noob like myself. Everyone speaks English, and it’s a modern enough city that you don’t feel too out of place there. Even so, it manages to capture the essence of India in that everything is extremely…extreme. India definitely isn’t for the faint of heart.

Anyway, tomorrow will bring more adventures. I’m exhausted now, so pictures will come later, once Anna has sent them to me. For now, good night!

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