3 years and 3 months.

Reminders for life.

39 months ago, I left Singapore, with not even a thought that I would still be doing this “travel thing” for as long as I have.

I am truly blessed.

I started this post with dreams of writing something wonderful and amazing, heartfelt and touching. But words fail me, and I find that the memories of the beautiful places I’ve been, the incredible experiences I’ve had and the simply amazing people I’ve met far surpass my abilities to adequately describe them.

People tell me they don’t know how I do what I do, that they cannot imagine living day to day with no plan, no plan B, not even an inkling of where I will be tomorrow. The reality is that their lives are just as hard for me to imagine. The reality is that I have been very lucky to have been given the opportunity that I have. I have no debts, I have no partner, no kids, nothing to tie me down anywhere. The reality, also, is that my life is a choice that I’ve made for myself, without letting my family, or friends, or society decide for me what is best for me.

When I was living in Costa Rica, I had a crappy job as an English teacher. I earned less than 600USD a month, and had barely enough to pay my rent and make ends meet. I lived in a crappy windowless room, barely 4m2 in size, and hung out with cockroaches in the day time, and mice at night. I was not happy, no. I was quite possibly miserable. Yet, I was fine…because it was my choice to be miserable.

Travelling for this long has not always been sunshine and rainbows. It’s easy to gloss over the awful bits in Facebook updates, Instagram pictures and blogposts, but some days were absolutely awful. The time I almost slid to my death off the side of a volcano. The time I got robbed. The time I fell overboard and ruined all my electronics. The time I was down to my last $200 and had another month before payday. The time they closed the Nicaragua-Costa Rica border and made me sleep at the border. Travelling can be really hard. But travelling is what I choose to do,and to be honest, I can’t imagine my life any other way.

Because while it’s absolutely shit at some points, and all you want is to go home to mummy and have her say it’s all going to be okay, when you do get yourself out of those awful situations, you can’t help but grin and walk a little straighter knowing that you’re going to be alright. That no matter what life throws at you, you’re going to get through it some how, and then keep right on going.

So here’s to another 39 months of travelling. Another 39 years, why not? Here’s to another lifetime of travel. Everything is super duper.

It really is.

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  1. It is the best education and I love reading about your adventures. Don’t stop exploring!

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