Squirrel Syndrome

Hello everyone. My name is Crunch, and I have squirrel syndrome.

Most people know it as Shiny Object Syndrome, but I prefer my term for it.

Squirrel gif
Credit: GIPHY – Up, The Movie

If you don’t know what it is, Squirrel Syndrome refers to the tendency to get distracted by … lots of things. I recently discovered where I got this trait from – my wonderful mum (hi mumsie, I know you’re reading). Today was a classic example.

She started off wrapping presents for her students for children’s day,
then wandered off after a while to clear some old stuff in my dad’s room,
then came into my/ her room and got distracted into scanning some documents on her computer,
then went to eat lunch but got absorbed watching a movie,
then came back to tidy up the mess on her table,
then ….

The point is: I now know where I get my squirrel syndrome from.

Which is why my life sometimes feels overwhelming, particularly when I’m in Singapore. Too much time on my hands to get distracted by a million things.

This is a list of things I’m working on right now:

  1. My portfolio website – I worked on it for a couple of days, and now it’s kinda just hanging out.
  2. Getting more freelance writing gigs – Currently have 4 unpaid exposure gigs, and a couple more leads I’m working on to turn into paying clients.
  3. Planning for my trip to Colorado in winter – pretty sure I’m going to freeze, and trying to take the necessary precautions in packing. Also, arranging things like a new passport, ESTA, new backpack.
  4. Other travel related things – Researching cool places to go in Mexico, possibly getting a new camera (a YouTube channel might be in the works!)
  5. Growing my Instagram following – who knows, maybe someone will sponsor me cause 500 (5000?) people follow me on Instagram.
  6. Sorting through my million photos in life – I’ve (kinda) sorted through 40GB of photos and videos, but untold numbers still exist somewhere in the cloud.
  7. Updating various agencies / people / companies about my name change – Who knew that the aftermath of changing your name would be such a hassle?
  8. Sorting through my boxes of physical stuff – I may need to reorganize the 4 boxes I exist out of currently.
  9. Trying to get in shape – Going for gym classes twice a week seems to have helped (thanks ActiveSG for discounted classes)
  10. Teaching myself about SEO – I’ve had the tab open for a course on Coursera for weeks now. >.<
  11. Keeping this blog updated a bit more than it currently is – I started by making a list of topics to blog about, and got no further.
  12. Reading more – My list of books to read just keeps growing with each passing day, and I’m barely making a dent in it.

And this is on top of my current jobs as freelance writer for Podfly and a couple of other clients, early literacy teacher, and online English teacher.

Phew. I don’t know how other people juggle all this and more. Hats off to … everyone, really. It’s tough. Being alive, being a human, just being. And maintaining your sanity in all of the chaos.

So if you’re doing alright with all the madness that I’m sure is going on in your life, good job you! And if things aren’t going so well, and you feel a little like caving and crying … there’s nothing wrong with that either. Big hugs to you, you got this. :o)

And that wasn’t quite the direction I was taking this blog post in, but here we are. Happy Sunday / Monday everyone. Here’s wishing you an absolutely fantabulous week ahead!

**Special shout out to TRELLO the magic organizer that helps me keep my life somewhat together**



A picture I discovered! Sunrise on Isla del Sol, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia (2014)

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