A Tribute to Tacos (and then some)

I love Tacos. Tacos are amazing. I have had some incredible Taco experiences here in Mexico, so much so that I felt it would be fitting to commemorate the gloriousness of TACOS with a special post.

Insanely good Tacos Al Pastor, Campeche

Okay there are also gonna be pictures of (some) other incredible Mexican dishes I’ve had and loved.

Let the drool-fest begin. First stop, Cancun!

First meal in Cancun – not tacos, but quesadillas with Huitlacoche (corn fungus) @Las Quekas
Our street taco man – so good we went back two nights in a row! Surtido and Al Pastor tacos 😛


Taco man with his wide array of toppings to add to your tacos – by far the most extensive display of toppings I’ve seen yet. @Las Palapitas

Marquesita lady hard at work making something delicious – you’d think Nutella and cheese in a rolled up crepe wouldn’t be tasty, but you’d be wrong.



Next up, Merida!

IMG_20190112_141014 2
First meal in Merida was not tacos either, but absolutely delicious red and green chorizo, a delicious brocheta and an average salchicha. But bomb garlic sauce.
Tacos de relleno negro (turkey with a special black sauce made of chili peppers and various other spices)
Salbute and Panucho (basically fried tacos)
An Al Pastor man carving up delicious meat for our eating pleasure!
Crunchy pig’s ear taco and chewy pig’s heart taco!
Sopa de Lima (lime soup, not soup from Peru’s capital) – tasty, filling, hearty! @El Mercado Santiago


We spent exactly one day in Campeche, just to break up the journey from Merida to Palenque.

Torta de relleno negro, and a tamal with…something?! We have no idea what the lady was saying and she couldn’t explain what it was so it remains a mystery tamal.
Best freaking Tacos Al Pastor I’ve ever had – I swear, the trip to Campeche was worth it just for these tacos. And at 10 x 100 pesos (just over 5USD), a steal! @El Galeon



Palenque was next – the commonly preferred meat for tacos was cow-based, rather than pig-based.

Tacos filled with cow parts (parts of the head!) “Cabeza de res”. Possibly tongue and cheeks. Yum.
Cow UDDER tacos. Interesting texture, like soy meat or tofu! Very enjoyable!
Chilaquiles – basically nachos on steorids. Nachos topped with tomato salsa, cheese, cream and chicken.@Cocina D’Bety
Empanadas! 5 x 20 pesos (Slightly over 1USD) Freshly handmade and fried. Everyone was selling them. Pretty sure I ate 10 empanadas that day, all by my self. @Cascadas de Agua Azul
An assortment of tacos – chicken, pork, beef, al pastor and nopales (local cactus). ALL FOR ME.



So, San Cristobal de Las Casas is, to me, the hands-down winner in terms of food. Every day was another food adventure and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there even though it was bloody cold (by my standards).

Our first meal – already off to a good start. Souffle with chorizo, croissant, pan de chocolate, freeshly squeezed OJ and coffee (not pictured). YUMMM. @Oh La La
Huaraches mixtos – a longish tortilla base topped with chorizo, al pastor, mushrooms, nopales and a buttload of cheese.
Delightful tacos with consome (a wonderful broth) – perfect for the cold evenings.


This is art, not food. Gordita (blue and yellow corn tortilla pancake) stuffed with cochinita pibil (slow roasted pork) @Achiote Cochinita Pibil 



Blue cheese burger on beet bun (pink) and jalapeno burger on charcoal bun (black), both made with smoked meat and served with homemade chips. @El Brasilero
Sincronizadas – Similar to a quesadilla, but with ham and cheese. Some bomb salsa on the side too. @Deja Vu Hostal / Restaurant
This is what Mexican nachos actually look like. Vegan nachos (We decided to give our bodies a break from all the meat). @Te Quiero Verde
Arroz Bombay – it was supposed to be a vegetarian curry of some sort, but ended up being more like a soup. Still tasty! @Te Quiero Verde
MEAT ON A STICK! My fav fav fav thing. ❤ In Chiapa de Corzo
Best meal for a cold day when you’re feeling sniffly – chicken soup for the traveler’s soul. @El Caldero
Gorditas de nata (cream) and condensed milk. Good snack if you have a sweet tooth!
Last meal in San Cristobal @El Meson del Taco



We’re almost all caught up – final destination on this taco tour (for now): Puerto Escondido!

Giant Tlayudas! This one was stuffed with …everything, and shoved full of quesillo (Oaxacan string cheese). BRILLIANT.
Super fresh grilled albacore tuna on the beach @Costa Hermosa
Eggs, Mexican style, and Chilaquiles with eggs @Mercado Zicatela, Comedor Carolina
Smoked fish taco and shrimp taco – the smoked fish was AH-MAY-ZING. At 45pesos (2.50USD approx) for ONE taco, it was a bit pricey though. @
Delicious chicken tacos and fresh salad…HOMEMADE.
Best Tacos Ever. Because we made them. 


Basically, in the slightly more than a month that we’ve been here, we’ve had pretty amazing food almost every single day. Even the 3 peso tacos (0.15 USD) we had one afternoon were super tasty, and some of the best food we’ve had so far has been from street vendors.

For anyone who is in Mexico, planning to visit Mexico, anything Mexico – you gotta eat street tacos man. They’re the best. Just choose your taco cart wisely – as long as there are a bunch of people there, you should be fine. So go forth and EAT STREET TACOS!

And that brings us to the end of the tacos (and other deliciousness) tour of Mexico so far! I hope this post has inspired you to go out and get some sub-par tacos from Taco Bell or something.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, all the food featured has been purchased at street vendors or other little hole-in-the-wall type establishments that do not exist on Google Maps.

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