Some of Mexico (So Far)

In keeping to my one-post-a-month aim, here’s my post for March … about (some of) Mexico!

Some of you may be surprised to learn that Mexico isn’t just about millions of tacos. Although that’s been a very significant (and delicious) part of it, there is more to Mexico. So let’s pick up the story where we left off …

Flying to CANCUN!


Spirit is not a terrible airline, surprisingly!

Considering Denver isn’t that far away from Cancun, it was an awfully long trip there, that was made 1000x worse by the long layover at Dallas Fortworth Airport, Worst Airport Ever. They have hard metal seats. With armrests between EVERY SINGLE ONE. So you can’t stretch out and lie down. And are basically closed between 11pm-4am, so none of the restaurants / cafes are open. AND they turn their thermostat to match the outside temperature (which was very, very cold according to my super scientific estimate). SO. Awful. But we eventually made it to the warmth of CANCUN! We were staying in a super cheap AirBnB downtown (away from the hotel zone) but right by where the local nightlife is so that was cool.

Cool mural by the local downtown area in Cancun



And we did make it to the beach, which was pretty gorgeous but also kinda annoying. Firstly, loads and loads and loads of tourists. EVERYWHERE. SO crowded. But okay there was still room to chill on the beach.


There may have been a small problem with sargassum seaweed but the water was lovely!

The REAL annoying thing was the hotels. They’re all these super expensive fancy hotels and they’ve basically been built to block off public access to the beach! Asswipes. -_- So we took the public bus to Playa Delfines all the way at one end of the beach and decided to take a nice beach stroll toward the shopping / restaurants area thinking that we’d just head over to the carreterra (highway / road) to catch a bus down when we were tired of walking BUTTTT after walking about 2km we came to what looked like access to the road and tried to pass through only to be stopped by the hotel staff who told us we couldn’t walk through the hotel cause we didn’t stay there! AND the next public access to the road was another 2km away! *fume fume fume*

Hotel umbrellas taking up all of the beach. -_-


Luckily we found a random side access through the hotel that wasn’t patrolled by “guards” and we got to the carreterra (highway) without having to walk forever. TAKE THAT BIG HOTEL CHAINS.


This is how you avoid detection by hotels when sneaking through to the other side.

Yeah anyway, Cancun okay, but the hotel area was MAD expensive (like 200pesos for 3 tacos when we got 5 tacos for 50 pesos near where we were staying k I know it’s not that expensive in the grand scheme of things but still) and we wanted to get to The Real Mexico, not The USA in Mexico so we scrammed outta Cancun pretty quick and hopped on a bus to…. MERIDA!

Merida! Usually without people blocking the sign.



Really nice little city and I definitely could have stayed longer. This definitely felt more like “real Mexico”, unlike Cancun which was just full of drunk tourists and overpriced everything.


They worry that people will forget what city they’re in, so they stamp their town’s name on manhole covers.

We stayed at this cute little hostel quite close to the downtown area, and met some really cool people: Julian, Liz, Joelle and Chris (whom we would meet again in other places).

This is none of my friends, but she was very dressed for the occasion so I thought she deserved a picture.



Merida is a cool place to walk around and explore the various walking streets and for me to get really acquainted with all the various tacos HAHA. You can read all about my Taco Adventures here. It has a nice vibe and I was totally digging it.


I’m not sure what this place was but it was cool.

We were there over the weekend so there was a feria-type thing going on, and you can check out the video of me eating 4 lunches in one day as well.

One of the many performances we saw at the feria – traditional folk dance.



We also went to a random cenote in El Corchito where there were lots of raccoons and one lone coati. And after that we walked to the beach at Progreso where they charge gringos A LOT more to use the toilet than regular people.


Cool cenote at El Corchito, so named for the cork trees that (used to) grow there.


The beach at Progreso was rather bleak, unfortunately.




WhatsApp Image 2019-03-18 at 13.54.44
The Spanish sign says: “All children have to pay, even the ones in your arms. If you don’t agree, there are other places. Thanks.” (And the winner of the 2019 Rudest Sign Award goes to….)

Thennnn, it was off to CAMPECHE!

Nice sign by the Malecon (what you don’t see is the bunch of construction going on around)


Basically for a day. A day and a night. Mostly to break up the journey to Palenque. Small little town by the ocean, but no beach. Interestingly, the entire centro historico is contained within a fortress, so that was pretty cool. Not really much else to see there, so we just goofed around and took silly pictures, for the most part.


There was a lot of posing going on in Campeche.
Part of the fortress at night, keeping Campeche safe (lol).


Next stop: PALENQUE


Yes, there is a weird head emerging from the ground in the background. Odd, I know.

A Pueblo Magico (basically an initiative by the Mexican Tourism board to increase tourism) that’s particularly famous for it’s Mayan ruins … that we didn’t visit. Don’t ask why, I don’t have a good answer. We met Julian again in Palenque and had a fun evening out together!

This is why we didn’t go visit the Zona Arqueologico


We also did go check out Cascadas de Agua Azul (literally Blue Water Waterfalls) on Julian’s recommendation, which was pretty impressive.


Much blue water!
Very waterfalls!



Oooooh pretty.

After that, it was off to SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS! But I’m going to save that for the next post because … I’m lazy, tbh. And because I feel like San Cris deserves its own post to fully capture it’s amazingness, so … That’s All for Now!

Why’d you have to go, go, go….


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