An attempt to start again

What a year. And we’re not even halfway through. I’ve been really terrible about updating this blog – I apologize to my fans (by whom I mean my mum – I know she reads my blog[ [hi ma!], and maybe a handful of other friends who have subscribed to this blog – thanks!).

Well, I guess you’ve always known I’m erratic at updating – the only thing you can expect is that you can never expect the next update, which may be within the week, or which may come in 3 months, 6 months, a year, or possibly never.

I’m rambling. As I do. I’ve been wanting to update this old things for ages now – so much has happened just this year – but life kept getting in the way. But now, I finally feel like I have some time to sit and think, instead of racing from place to place (first few of month of 2020) and chasing after tiny humans (last few months of 2020).

And as I sat here, fingers hovering over the keyboard – I realized how difficult it is to start again. Everything I want to say feels inappropriate for the times we live in, and how do I even choose where to begin?

But we all know that starting is the most difficult part of doing anything, so I shall just start and write whatever comes to me, and it will have to be enough. I don’t have anything else.

It appears I really don’t have anything else.

Never mind, perhaps there will be a next time.


Arizona, USA, 2019
Arizona, USA, 2019

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