Death to Drugs, Death for Drugs

For the most part, Singapore is a great country. And it is recognized as such internationally - thriving economy, amazing education system, low-crime rates etc. But low crime doesn't mean no crime, and unfortunately, I think how we handle crime in Singapore ... well, that's what I'd like to explore here, particularly the existence and... Continue Reading →

Troubling Times

The weather these past few says has been... unbearable. The heat scorches your skin and leaves it red in angry patches, raw and tingly to the touch if you dare venture out. Even indoors, the humidity sits on my chest like an uncomfortably heavy burden, sticky on my body fresh (not anymore!) out of the... Continue Reading →

What’s Race got to do with Anything?

    Disclaimer: This only represents my views and my opinions, not that of anyone else I may be associated with, in any form or fashion. Factual inaccuracies, if any exist, are mine and only mine. Race and the minority experience are not often topics of conversations in Singapore. Yet the recent debacle with WP... Continue Reading →

An attempt to start again

What a year. And we're not even halfway through. I've been really terrible about updating this blog - I apologize to my fans (by whom I mean my mum - I know she reads my blog[ [hi ma!], and maybe a handful of other friends who have subscribed to this blog - thanks!). Well, I... Continue Reading →

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