Puerto Iguazu – Cataratas is the sound waterfalls make

30 Jan - 02 Feb I was really quite excited about my bus ride to Puerto Iguazu - travelling in style with seats that become beds, wifi on board and all that jazz. And it was a pretty cool experience. I was definitely glad I spent the extra 100pesos to get a bed I could... Continue Reading →

The Charm of Cordoba – QUE LINDO!

20 Jan 2014 - 29 Jan 2014 Another (it seems like I take an infinite number of these) overnight bus later, I was in C√≥rdoba! I made my way to my host Gabi's house, where she, Raquel and Pablo were anxiously (because I was slightly late and Gabi had to give me the keys before... Continue Reading →

Puerto Madryn was kinda meh

Written 23 Dec/ 26 Dec/ 29 Dec If I were to sum Puerto Madryn up in a word, it would be "disappointing". Very unfortunately. BUT, I still had a good time there. So I arrived in Puerto Madryn in the afternoon, and it was too late to do anything much, so I hung out with... Continue Reading →

Coastal Adventures

Mar del Plata is a coastal city about 500km (6hours by bus) south of Buenos Aires. I took the 9am bus (200 pesos, cama - discount for paying in cash!) on Monday from Retiro station and promptly fell asleep because wow the buses are fancy. The buses are divided into different categories, much like planes.... Continue Reading →

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