Wedding, Kalyanam, Shaadi

The┬áreal reason I came to Bangalore - Reshma and Ankit's wedding (#reshkit), and now it's over. The festivities have passed somewhat in a blur, but it has been absolutely wonderful being among friends and seeing one of my best friends get married to a man who makes her face light up and her eyes sparkle.... Continue Reading →

Busy, Bustling Bangalore!

Quick update on Bangalore so far! I arrived on Wednesday (thanks family + Kalpy for coming to say bye to me at the airport! I've been here 3 full days and a bit, and I feel like I've been here for 3 years. Bangalore is busy busy busy and all the streets are always bustling... Continue Reading →

Packing for India!

In two weeks at this time, I'll be on a flight to Bangalore, India to spend the next unspecified amount of time there. Yesterday, my new (second-hand) backpack arrived, so I suppose now would be a good time for me to start filling it up with knick-knack paddy whack give the dog a, that's... Continue Reading →

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