No hay tigres en Tigre, pero hay Gauchos en Mataderos

Written 11 Dec On Saturday, I took a trip to Tigre. About one hour (and less than 2pesos) by train from Retiro station, Tigre is a town situated next to a delta which flows into the Paraná river instead of the sea, and is one of the largest deltas to do so. It's a very... Continue Reading →

Buenos Días en Buenos Aires II

Written 10 Dec 2013 Yes, I know, it's been a while since Montevideo...but I've been lazy, and besides, I needed to take full advantage of the gloriously sunny days in Buenos Aires! Well, actually, I wasn't taking advantage of the wonderful weather as much as I should have because I fell sick. But I'll get... Continue Reading →

Buenos Días en Buenos Aires!

I can't believe it's already been more than a week (one week and two days to be precise) that I've been in Buenos Aires! It's been amazing, and I am having a huge amount of fun! Okay, starting from the beginning! 7am flight from Dubai to Buenos Aires, with a 1hour stopover in Rio de... Continue Reading →

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