Goodbyes Are Hard.

I started writing this when I said goodbye to you. And when you left. And when I left you. And we both went our separate ways. I started writing this in my head, after every goodbye I’ve ever said that’s broken my heart, and left me wishing goodbye wasn’t even a word that existed. I started writing this years ago, but I’ve only just put it into words.

Recently, my friend and I were speaking of goodbyes, of farewells, of separating and going our own ways.

“Surely, for someone like you, who’s been travelling for over 3 years, saying goodbye must be easy.”

The truth is, saying goodbye is never easy. And I think it’s only gotten harder and harder.

Of course, I’m not talking about saying goodbye to casual acquaintances – random people you meet in hostels and chat with over a coffee, or even people you might spend a whole day with sightseeing and talking about this and that. Those goodbyes are perhaps, not easy, but you accept them as a part of your reality. No, no. The goodbyes that I’m talking about are the ones you still think about days, weeks, months after they happen.

Travelling as much as I do, I’ve come to realize that real connections are hard to come by. People you really click with, people you feel like you’ve known for years after just a brief interaction, people you get you. When I meet these people, as rarely as it happens, it’s so easy to just be with them that I always end up being around them longer than I would ever have planned. I mean, it’s not like I have anywhere else to be, right? But inevitably, the longer I spend with them, the harder the goodbye becomes. And when we finally do part, the goodbye is always a heart-wrenching moment, as I leave with my eyes full of tears, always, fighting the urge to turn around and go right back to them.

But as with all things, the feeling fades, and eventually, I remember the wise words of A.A. Milne,

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

How lucky I am indeed. ❤



Cue Cheesy Song Lyrics about Leaving on a Jet Plane

Written 17 November 2013

Not(e)book by Epìgram: Journaling the trip!

Not(e)book by Epìgram: Journaling the trip!

So it’s really happening! After waiting for more than two years, I’m finally off on my South American adventure! It all feels quite surreal and I don’t think I’ve quite come to grips with it, but I suppose it’ll sink in soon, or at some point. But then again, Sushma is getting MARRIED in three days and that hasn’t sunk in yet.

The days since the last update have been interesting enough. The butterflies which appear to have taken up permanent residence in my tummy have quietened down somewhat, and it was mostly just time spent with family and friends whom I won’t see again for a while. Getting all the hugs and well wishes and blessings from everyone was lovely, and I’m so thankful for all the people who came to send me off.

With the Friends, Changi Airport, Singapore, Nov 2013

With the Friends, Changi Airport, Singapore, Nov 2013

Just goes to show how blessed I am to be surrounded by all these wonderful people. I might miss them more than I expect, hmm.

With the Family, Changi Airport, Singapore, Nov 2013

With the Family, Changi Airport, Singapore, Nov 2013

I’m on the flight to Kochi now, and feeling rather sleepy. I suppose I should get some sleep or something so more updates as and when I have time/wifi! Till then, safe travels everyone! xoxo

P.S. I’ll add some pictures to this post once I get myself connected to a computer!

P.P.S Pictures added! -02 Dec 2013