The words, they well up within me, forming a hard knot of unexpressed emotions and unexplored thoughts. I want them out, but they seem quite content, quite comfortable constricting my airways, lodging themselves in the spaces where things should flow freely back and forth but are now, quite definitely ... stuck. If my existence were... Continue Reading →

What am I doing here?

What are you doing here? What is anybody? It is a question I keep asking myself, increasingly more frequently with each passing day - a question to which I cannot find a satisfactory answer. At some points in my life, I think we are here just to be happy. On those days, I am perfectly... Continue Reading →

Hiraeth for Home

This might be the best way to describe how I feel much of the time, a feeling for which I have yet to find a word to describe satisfactorily in English. A constant feeling that something is missing, that something has been lost, something that perhaps never existed or I have never known. To feel... Continue Reading →

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