Writing About Race in Singapore – A Reflection

A few weeks ago, in the midst of the election fervor, I posted an entry (What’s Race got to do with Anything?) talking about the multitude of ways in which the construct of race influences our lives as minorities in Singapore. By my standards, it was very well received, and people (even strangers on the... Continue Reading →

Why was I even Writing about Race in Singapore?

Some of you would have read my previous post What's Race got to do with Anything? Thank you for reading it - I'm grateful for the support I received in writing it to share my perspectives as a minority in Singapore. I thought it might be interesting to share why I even wrote that piece... Continue Reading →

What’s Race got to do with Anything?

    Disclaimer: This only represents my views and my opinions, not that of anyone else I may be associated with, in any form or fashion. Factual inaccuracies, if any exist, are mine and only mine. Race and the minority experience are not often topics of conversations in Singapore. Yet the recent debacle with WP... Continue Reading →

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