“Poor” countries may be the richest of all

My friends and I were talking, and someone made the comment that she wanted a job that pays more. And that got me thinking - do we really need jobs that pay more, or do we just need to live somewhere where you don't need as much to be just as happy? Don't get me... Continue Reading →

Poor weather in Pucón

Written 27 Jan, 29 Jan I only decided to go to Pucon because Marcel mentioned that he would be there for the New Year, and I didn't have any other plans. In the end, I'm really glad I decided to go, because it turned out to be quite the adventure. To put it simply, if... Continue Reading →

Change and Aloneness

Change and Aloneness Hmm. I'm in an odd sort of mood today. Kinda pensive, kinda unsettled, kinda sad. Not sure why, nor what brought this about. Travelling is a strange thing. You learn so much about yourself - how you deal with stressful situations, what kind of person you are in different circumstances, what you... Continue Reading →

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