Death to Drugs, Death for Drugs

For the most part, Singapore is a great country. And it is recognized as such internationally - thriving economy, amazing education system, low-crime rates etc. But low crime doesn't mean no crime, and unfortunately, I think how we handle crime in Singapore ... well, that's what I'd like to explore here, particularly the existence and... Continue Reading →

Why was I even Writing about Race in Singapore?

Some of you would have read my previous post What's Race got to do with Anything? Thank you for reading it - I'm grateful for the support I received in writing it to share my perspectives as a minority in Singapore. I thought it might be interesting to share why I even wrote that piece... Continue Reading →

What’s Race got to do with Anything?

    Disclaimer: This only represents my views and my opinions, not that of anyone else I may be associated with, in any form or fashion. Factual inaccuracies, if any exist, are mine and only mine. Race and the minority experience are not often topics of conversations in Singapore. Yet the recent debacle with WP... Continue Reading →

A Month of Meet Ups

A month has gone by, some times quickly, some times fast, but here we are now. In about 12 or so hours, I'll be on my flight out of here - first stop: Vietnam, and who knows where to after that. The past month in Singapore has been a pretty wonderful time, meeting up with... Continue Reading →

A Little Bit of Everything.

Been feeling like I want to write something, but there are SO many things to write about, and I can't pick just one, so this is going to be a little bit about everything. I never did get around to writing a nice post about my time teaching in Thailand, but to be honest, it... Continue Reading →

Happy Mid-Year-ish!

Woohoo! We survived half of 2017. And two days (almost). Way to go us! [I feel like we need to celebrate more things in life.] Cool. Did I have resolutions for this year? Can't remember, so obviously I haven't been keeping up with that. Oh, there was the one about BLOGGING MORE HAHAHAHA sorry if... Continue Reading →

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