A Little Bit of Everything.

Been feeling like I want to write something, but there are SO many things to write about, and I can't pick just one, so this is going to be a little bit about everything. I never did get around to writing a nice post about my time teaching in Thailand, but to be honest, it... Continue Reading →

Puerto Iguazu – Cataratas is the sound waterfalls make

30 Jan - 02 Feb I was really quite excited about my bus ride to Puerto Iguazu - travelling in style with seats that become beds, wifi on board and all that jazz. And it was a pretty cool experience. I was definitely glad I spent the extra 100pesos to get a bed I could... Continue Reading →

Dubai – Not a Desert

So, I am the worst at updating. Apologies. In my defense, it is really hard to write blogposts when you're on the road. And who wants to read just a whole bunch of words right? But it is really difficult to upload my pictures from my camera to a computer and then post it here.... Continue Reading →

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